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The New Gay Liberation: Escaping the Fag End of Feminism, by Matthew Lye. It’s a must-read.

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If you are a gay man who also supports feminism, this book may be the toughest (and most worthwhile) read of your life.  In “The New Gay Liberation: Escaping the Fag End of Feminism” social commentator Matthew Lye, aka Andy Bob, rips the cover off of feminism’s false pro-gay front to reveal Westboro Baptist Church level hostility toward gay men that has burned through feminist rhetoric for 40 years. And he documents how that hatred is alive and well today.

Please support the author by downloading a copy of the book. In the intrest of just getting the information out there, it’s available as originally written as a four-part series for A Voice fo Men – “Why Gay Men Don’t Need Feminism“:

  1. Challenging Assumptions
  2. The Takeover
  3. Gay Bashing
  4. Brotherhood