Fukushima After Awareness: Are We Prepared For Decades Of Radiation Updates?

Right after posting, here about Fukushima, I had to go back and make an edit, as I discovered claims that concerns about contaminated seafood are overblown. Then this from RT, only a few hours later: Heavy rains overflow barriers surrounding Fukushima water tanks.

The following are reflections on what to add as a comment for sharing the article on Facebook:

Wait. Just a few hours ago we were being reassured that all that bad radiation is tapering off and getting dispersed in the ocean.

Next concern: since awareness of the gravity of a problem is required in order to do something about it,  how do more people learn about what is really happening at Fukushima, and across the globe, in order to apply enough pressure?

It’s not that politicians care about us, but if it becomes too obvious that they are killing us off, they may need to move ahead. Then again, destruction is all that they seem to desire,  so perhaps there is no moving ahead for those who do not mind taking their chances with the entire planet – this “War on Terra”.

Anyhow, if we are afforded the time, how will we strike a sane balance of staying aware of what is happening at Fukushima, with the reality that this will continue to be a pressing concern for many generations/decades?

Flag map of Fukushima Prefecture
Flag map of Fukushima Prefecture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)