Radiation And The Pacific Coast: Test The Plankton!

Fukushima’s three, melted – and likely liquefied – cores are pumping out more than 2,000 radionuclides via the air, ground and water (hundreds of tons), every day, 24/7/365. It’s a catastrophic fire that has been burning out of control for four-and-a-half years with 0% containment. Whether it’s measured or not, common sense should be able to break through any denial about how bad things will get, over time.

It’s always a pleasant surprise when the mainstream media covers this doomsday event, but they tend to leave out really important information.The Huff Post ran this article, Radiation in the Ocean, in which they discuss the fact that there is no federal agency that is looking into radiation in the seawater. That should be alarming, as well as that people are raising funds to do testing because the feds are not, and that it’s glossed over like we are talking about a school bake sale:

There is no Federal agency that funds monitoring of radiation in coastal water—Huff Post

As disheartening as that is, something came to my attention, before reading the above article:

It’s actually the plankton that we need to be testing because the build up of radiation occurs thousands of times higher in plankton than it does in surrounding seawater. So, if you want to get the absolute lowest contamination level possible, you test the seawater, which is what they are doing, when they really should be testing the plankton—Rad Chick (at 4:50)

Testing the water would provide a best-case scenario? I don’t expect that if the federal government were to openly test anything that we would get reliable or spin-free information. Erin Brockovich On Fukushima: “We are being lied to”. I don’t expect the media to be very helpful with filling in the gaps, either.

In addition to the unfortunate news about plankton and radiation, I dove a bit into the study of The Wigner Effect/Entropy.  It’s quite important to what is going on not only with Fukushima, but in relation to all of the other nuclear waste that we have scattered around in the short existence of nuclear power.

The Wigner Effect:

“The Wigner Effect  (named for its discoverer, E. P. Wigner),[1] also known as the discomposition effect or Wigner’s Disease,[2] is the displacement of atoms in a solid caused by neutron radiation.” 

My “working” definition: Accelerated damage to solid substances that have been exposed to neutron radiation. One type of damage is known as “embrittlement.” Wigner effects occur wherever there is neutron radiation, and any solid substance: radiation shields, planes, jets, ships, plumbing, glass, bridges – all infrastructure, all over the globe. Wigner effects affect ALL bodies of ALL creatures. Neutron radiation is one of many types of radiation.

Other Modes of Radioactive Decay:  “Ionizing & Non-Ionizing Radiation: Although alpha, beta, and gamma radiation are the most common methods of radioactive decay, unstable nuclei throw off excess energy in other ways as well. Neutron Radiation, Positron Decay, Electron Capture, Isomeric Transition.” Source

In the playlist below, Leuren Moret stated that the Wigner Effect is one of the big problems with containing the radiation at Chernobyl – whatever it is covered with falls apart, quickly. X. ref.: Chernobyl: Capping a Catastrophe. Note: I take issue with the claim that the three cores at Fukushima, “remained within protective containment structures.”


For more on The Wigner Effect and what radiation does to all materials and bodies:

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