California Drought: The Pressure And Profits Of A Slow Motion Catastrophe

No matter the reasons for the drought that is ravaging California, there is money to be made. In an age where humans are told every day that they should feel guilty for living, it’s difficult to see how this type of thinking is engineered, let alone to entertain the notion that governments and corporations – never letting a good crisis go to waste – have a role in the creation of the crisis, itself.

What might be learned from taking a look at some of the evidence that is hidden in plain sight, such as the United Nations Weather Warfare Treaty (1977)?

geo 2

In essence, per the treaty, governments are not allowed to experiment on other countries, but they are free to do so with their own. That means they can do it to me and you. It’s not that they might not do it anyway, but they went as far as to create a treaty about it.

If like me you are curious and willing to accept that what you thought that you knew is wrong, you might want to know how such a thing looks in action. The below video provides plenty of information, but I added notes, links and other information afterwards.

Whether or not the drought is on purpose or a side effect of other projects, after looking at the evidence, it will be clear that:

“The California Drought Is Being Created on Purpose Through Weather Modification

There is a massive ongoing four-year long drought in California. This video presents the evidence that it is being done on purpose, and the multiple reasons it would be done. Geoengineering is very real and you are seeing the massive implications of manipulating the weather right now in California. If you are not familiar with just how weather manipulation works take the time to watch the video.”



Images and notes from the video, links to sources used in the video and more:

geo 1Notes:

  • 1891 – Tesla coil
  • Tesla developed the alternating current
  • It was also Tesla who put man on his quest to control the weather; he developed a chilling theorem using extreme low frequency (ELF) waves (similar to the feeling of ELF waves coming at you from a speaker at a concert)
  • Another video clip (watch the video for it; no link here): 1976 – “The Russian Woodpecker
  • Discussion of how the jet stream can be manipulated
  • California experienced another bad draught back in 1987-1992. Were ELF’s (radio waves) bending the stream?
  • Discussion of plausible deniability (if not watching the video this won’t make sense)
  • February 1992: USA began work on HAARP in Alaska (U.S. Military has admitted to using it to heat the ionosphere). If the ionosphere is moved, the stratosphere will fill in the gap

geo 5

geo 6

“Fun fact. Did you know the 1.7 million dairy cows, 563,000 beef cattle, 131,000 hogs, 49.6 million broiler chickens, and 19.7 million egg-laying hens on factory farms in California produce as much untreated manure as 456 million people? (source) That’s way more than the entire U.S. population, and I’m guessing that uses a whole lot of water.

[…] Scientists say that even if the drought were to last 200 years, in theory, cities can’t “run out of water,” even in place like California. They can only run out of cheap water. Farmers with senior water rights will start making bank off their sources, food prices will surely rise, desalination plants will be built (for billions) and prices will go up. Someone is set to make a lot of money off the drought.”

Note: This is the video that Melissa and Aaron referenced:

“Here’s a look at several events on the West Coast radar that definitely beg the question of whether or not we are all living in a James Bond movie where the weather is no longer a natural occurrence — and the California drought is an engineered disaster. From artificial scarcity to pushing the man made global warming agenda…to higher prices for basic resources like water and food…to betting on weather derivatives on Wall St. and huge crop insurance payoffs…there are plenty of ways for corrupt people in high places to hold the rest of us hostage in order to make a cynical buck.”


  • In the above clip, they have a discussion about HAARP being used to kill Hurricane Norbert + an antennae array in Baja California + a discussion of chemtrails.

Popeye sources one of his broadcasts: Down The Rabbit Hole w/ Popeye (02-03-2015) Geoengineering & Weather Modification (a segment of this show is the remainder of the first video):

“On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes back friend and filmmaker Michael J Murphy to the broadcast to discuss Geoengineering & Weather Manipulation. First Popeye gives a brief historical overview of weather modification from the 1950’s up to the present day. He is then joined by Michael for the next hour and a half to discuss: The agendas behind the spraying; The mechanics of how a drought is created using geoengineering, like the one in California; “Black Chemtrails” and what they are; Climate change and what it really is; The COINTEL style attack on the chemtrail-geoengineering movement, and much more.”

There is more incredible evidence provided in that video and it deserves a post of its own. The following notes are from the first part of the broadcast that addresses specifically the California drought (From 34: 48 into the first video at the top of the page). It’s an incredible broadcast and if I get to writing notes for all of it I will include a link here:

  • Popeye introduces Michael J Murphy (MJM), the producer and director of two documentaries What in the world are they spraying? and Why in the world are they spraying?
  • Popeye wonders aloud if they are melting the global ice caps on purpose and if they have done it before?
  • Popeye notes spraying that causes the air to be dry at lower levels, trapping moisture at higher levels and that in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange bets are placed on crop failure – money is made and it has nothing to do with feeding the hungry
  • Popeye asks MJM if manipulating the river of water is part of the drought problem in California
  • MJM: It’s 100% of the problem. MJM: It’s the polar vortex. The jet stream usually deposits a large amount of water of the region, but it has been diverted. This creates high-pressure off of California. The jet stream then rises into the arctic regions
  • MJM says that there is a couple of reasons for this, the first being that drought is extremely profitable (at 38 minutes in)
  • Bechtel owns about 82% of the world’s privatized water and they are part of the military-industrial complex
  • MJM: Go back about 5 years. The central valley of California produced about 50% of the United States’ fruits and vegetables
  • Through Agenda 21 and The Endangered Species Act they literally cut off the water to the central valley
  • This dried up a lot of farms and ran people out of business
  • Drying up land drives up food prices
  • This makes the USA interdependent on other countries as we import more fruits and vegetables
  • The United Nations to step in to push again toward a global government?
  • MJM referenced his article: Geoengineering and the deliberate melting of the arctic

geo 7

  • The jet stream goes up into the arctic and carries moisture with it
  • MJM now in Chicago area and noting how cold it has been both in summer and winter as the natural rebound brings it down into the midwest
  • At 42:20 MJM gets into the mechanics of how this is done (ref. What in the world are they spraying?)
  • Aluminum oxide being sprayed (found in the rainwater); it’s lightweight, reflective and very toxic to humans (it’s also a good conductor)
  • Geoengineers realized that sulfur spewed from volcanoes had a cooling effect on the earth
  • Nano-particles cross the blood-brain barrier, easily (x. ref “desiccant“); this results in environmental damage and human sickness

“A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness (desiccation) in its vicinity. Commonly encountered pre-packaged desiccants are solids that absorb water”

  • Desiccants (incl. aluminum oxide, barium and black soot) can be used to kill storms
  • HAARP can be used to change the ionization of a storm and make it fall apart
  • Storm fronts can be built by putting particles into the sky; the particles hold the moisture longer in the sky (historically, 12-24 hours before a storm)
  • HAARP is used to heat up aluminum oxide (it’s a good conductor)
  • The increase of temperature creates a low-pressure vacuum
  • This allows for storms to be sucked into certain regions or in the case of California, OUT of certain regions

geo 8

  • Diverting a jet stream in one area creates of offset in another area
  • MJM notes that scientists were discussing the species extinction rates of doing this, back in the 1970s
  • Disturbing natural rain patterns has consequences; the species extinction rate has gone through the roof
  • MJM: Why in the world are they spraying looked into what could be gained by doing it ($$$)
  • Weather is traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and weather derivatives (See also: Introduction To Weather Derivatives)
  • This started in the 1990s (MJM notes Enron); MJM explains how this works – the motives (at 48 minutes); offsets, insider trading (if you have the playbook you cannot fail)
  • Owning the weather in 2025 is a stated goal by our military

geo 9

  • To give the military a battlefield advantage (such as creating a sand storm in Iraq so that troops cannot even get off of the ground); some may interpret this as god being on their side if they don’t know it is engineered
  • With weather modification, the military can drought-out a country and destabilize nations without firing a shot
  • Genetically modified food and power consolidation: create a drought in a certain area and crops will not grow; Abiotic stress-resistant GMO seeds have been created that are drought-resistant
  • Abiotic stress is anything that stresses the soil – too much water, heavy metal contamination, fungal overgrowth (and related illness) due to sun being blocked out (the earth is receiving 20% less sunlight due to spraying)
  • Monsanto has entered the market for drought-resistant crops – this is a hostile takeover of our entire food supply; MJM notes he has lost 50% of ability to get crops on his organic farm in Maui; enormous crop loss overall
  • Kissinger: Who controls the food supply controls the people
  • This is a major part of the agenda
  • Geoengineering is a means to form global governance
  • The way it’s being sold is that it gives man god-like powers (David Keith, geoengineer) and there will be wars over who has their hand on the thermostat; because of this we will have to develop global governance to monitor the programs
  • The programs would then be used to determine which countries get rain and which do not; countries being offered incentives to sign on to the treaties
  • Eco-terrorism
  • It’s just not being promoted on mainstream news
  • If people understood how damaging these programs were, we would have a revolution tomorrow