What Voting And Democracy Really Means

The Jones Plantation


Tired of being a slave? We pronounce that you are free.

You all have a stake in this plantation, but nobody among you knows how to run it.

Since you have a stake in the plantation now, you want it to succeed, right? This means that you need to work harder than ever, and we expect you to produce more, now that you are free.

And lucky you, your freedom gives you the “right” to vote! In your best interests, you can vote whether or not to keep me, or vote for one of my relatives. You are free to leave, but if you do, you risk becoming a slave to another plantation.

In addition to voting for who runs things, you will be given a limited amount of time to speak your mind, every day.

The rioting ends and anybody who speaks against this new “freedom” is slapped back down.

Larken Rose

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