The News Cycle And Consciousness

Not only has the world been through major changes in the five decades that I have been around, but the the last few weeks alone have been absolutely bonkers (yeah, I declare that a technical term).

Not reacting to the ups and downs of the news cycle is really hard to do. However, I have made some progress when it comes to not taking sides on issues, because doing so is to participate voluntarily in more divide and conquer. I still speak my truth, but as I change what I am focusing on, my reality, or my perception of it, has changed. Syncretism is where it’s at.


Keeping up with the news these days for me is more about seeing what sorts of games are being played, rather than being “informed”.

The Silence and the Storm

We’re being jerked around something fierce but most don’t even recognize it. The abrupt up and down news cycle changes are really doing a number on humanity. There’s this periodic deadness of spirit in the world at large coupled with this sugary news of fake social and political improvements, and then they slam us with another off the wall staged event.



The powers that be seem to regularly recoil for more madness to unleash while assuaging their docile populace. The on/off rhythm of this social programming is designed to callous, inoculate, dumb down and condition so it’s really no surprise if you’ve been watching with open eyes. They keep periodically both lulling us to sleep then hitting us with manufactured issues and weird events to keep us on our heels while we dance the defensive two-step to their music. Such perfidy.

I could not say it any better, but in case anybody else got hung up on “perfidy”, it means deceitfulness or untrustworthiness (yep, I had to look that up).

As for fake social and political improvements – I see them everywhere, and such has been the case for my entire life. From a social worker perspective, there is no shortage of people seeking to fix things that were never meant to work in the first place, whether it be care for veterans, or better treatment of prisoners.

In Florida, it seems that $30 million dollars is all that it will take to reform abuse culture.

This is but one of countless examples that would be exhausting to point out. Indeed, not finding examples might be more challenging.

So, what to do? Well, if not already doing it, make use of the many alternative news media sites that are available. For example:

Astrotheology Radio

Truth Frequency Radio

Dark Matter Radio

LNM – Late Night in the Midlands

One of the newest on the block is CCN – Consciousness Consumer Network: (Home) and Livestream channel. As with the others listed, you get news and insight – something lacking on the boob tube, and that is being liberal, because the questions never ran too deep to begin with.

For balance, I have continued to read The Undying Stars, by David Mathisen, as well as maintain a journal/blog of my experiences and advances with dreamwork and other “spirit-matters”. Feel free to take a peek. It’s my blog central, but leans far more toward the personal.



The evidence that we live in a shamanic-holographic universe is compelling. For a good start, check out David Mathisen’s home page, or more specifically, The shamanic foundation of the world’s ancient wisdom.

The same powers that should not be – the same ones who aree controlling the media, the banks, the governments, and nearly everything else –  have raped us of our history and true origins.

Now more than ever, it is important to take a step back when the news streams across whatever medium is in front of us. It is time to get centered. A new consciousness awaits, and try as they might to derail us with the chaotic events and reports about them, we are still here, and that is maddening to them.

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