While Russell Brand Tells Jokes, and Matt Damon Acts Sincere, Adam Kokesh Fights For Your Rights

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This  following video is a good crash course in thinking outside of the Matrix, especially if you feel deep in your heart that there is something inherently wrong with being governed, for any reason, yet you have difficulty coming up with good arguments for it. This happens to me all of the time, and it is probably a good thing, because rehearsing a solution is not always helpful in giving a nudge to someone who doesn’t even see the problem.

“Adam Kokesh Fights For Your Rights” is a decent enough title, but what he is doing really is trying to get people to wake up/understand that they have human rights, whether they are written on paper, or not.

Enjoy this excellent interview on Buzzsaw, with Tyrel Ventura, and Sean Stone. Stay tuned for future shows, and current news from Adam Vs. The man

#Kokesh2020 … followed by dissolution of the federal government ? Note what he has to say about that, for sure.

Oh: at one point Stone tells Kokesh that his ideas sound Utopian, and makes a case for the need of some type of government that is better than the one we have. That may not be quite Utopian, but relying on broken systems to mend themselves seems naive. No matter where we are headed, the desire for things better than they are now leads to many unknowns. The hows.

The more people start thinking about a world without rulers, the more we can focus on solutions.

Back again  to The Merovingian  – do we know the difference between a why, and a reason?

00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:20 Introducing Adam Kokesh.
04:10 Civil disobedience as a felony.
08:00 Violation of Second Amendment right.
15:30 Returning power to the states.
20:00 Government as a force against human rights.
25:30 Localization and shifting the paradigm of society.
31:00 Bitcoin and changing the global reserve currency.
33:00 Concept of a nation state and self-governance.
35:30 Becoming an activist.
42:30 Armchair activism and empowering citizens to act.
52:00 Thanks and goodbye.