The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor, And How You Came By Them Honestly

It has been a challenge not to cut and paste the articles of others on this site, but there are times when someone has something to say, and they say it better.

The following article resonates strongly with me. I grew up poor, and I can see myself in these habits/see these habits in me, and others who know what it is like to go without.

The most recent position I held in the field was working as a case manager for low-income individuals living with HIV, and Hepatitis C (HCV). – Note featured posts and asides in regard to what I have learned about HIV, since.

Social work is one of the lowest paying jobs one can have. Considering that an advanced degree, such as an MSW, are required for many positions, additional strains on resources become apparent, as there are not that many social workers whose parents were in a position to pay for their education.

While there are some things that require a certain level of education, and expertise, as with just about any job in life, there is nothing like basic, common sense. As such, getting a degree may serve to land a desired job, but also it keeps people in the profession thinking along the same lines.

Did anybody challenge that HIV may not be the cause of AIDS, while in graduate school, without enduring the wrath of their peers, and the world of academia? (Look to funding sources with big pharma and education).

My own experience has taught me that if the circumstances are just right (or wrong), many social workers are only a few paychecks away from a lower standard of living than their clients (provided their public assistance benefits are not cancelled).

So, the next time you are feeling guilty about buying something new that you need, or if you are told that you are fat because you eat too much (because what is affordable is crap), here is something to fall back on. It may not put cash in your wallet, but it can take some of the sting out the reality that 50 million people in the U.S. are struggling to make it, right now.


The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor

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#5. You Develop a Taste for Shitty Food

#4. Extra Money Has to Be Spent Right Goddamn Now!

#3. You Want to Go Overboard on Gift-Giving

#2. You Become an Obsessive Bean-Counter

#1. You Only Spend with the Short Term in Mind