The Psychopathic Mindset Of The Pro-Nuclear

As they have now begun the task of removing the fuel rods from Unit 4 at Fukushima, media coverage is picking up. Call me anti-nuclear if you wish, but I see my position as being more pro-living.

With more information available, there is more to tweet out. I expected that pro-nuclear zealots might be lurking about, but when some directed negative energy to me about statements I had made, the reality of their heartlessness was cold, in a creepy way. In particular is a group of supposed young people for nuclear energy.

Fault is rarely admitted. Corruption abounds. I do not fight with people who support this industry, because they rely on government reports, or reports from the NRC, or the IAEC .. all of them are pro-nuclear, and they have a strong lobbying force. Someone stated to me that a link between Tritium and cancer has not been established. 1. They should say that to people who got cancer near tritium leaks. 2. They act as if tritium (or any chemical) being leaked out is fine. To me, this is psychopathic.

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We are hearing of “new” nuclear… even out of Japan/Tepco! Yes… rather than focus on cleaning up more waste than we can manage, Tepco has encouraged the UK to be really careful with designing their reactors. Huh?

Fukushima nuclear disaster is warning to the world, says power company boss

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Anyhow, while enjoying my morning coffee and trying to come to grips with what I was feeling, I reviewed the following article. One of comments made seems to say what I have been feeling, but could not get to:

Radiation precautions for areas near Seattle, Vancouver, Portland? “Perhaps you need to wash your shoes”… and other things Link

yes, but what you need to understand is that pro nuclear idiots do not see this as the result of their use of unsafe technology, and unsafe practices, with a focus on profit. Rather, they view this as some unavoidable act of nature that no one could predict or prevent. Therefore they dont view the consequences of their actions as their fault. Everyone shares the unfortunate outcome of uncontrollable acts of nature. They take no responsibilty, and we are all just goin to have to live with.
Honestly I’m getting a bit tired of people questioning their tactics. I think we are past analyzing these folks. Its time to start repremanding these children.

Well said/enough said.

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