A Government Makeover Will Save Us: Is Russell Brand Simply Perpetuating “The Most Dangerous Superstition”?

Be it simply getting a lot of attention, there is no denying that whether or not outcomes of any tangible nature will be forthcoming soon, Brand has certainly begun a revolution on Facebook, and Twitter. He has struck a nerve by doing a great job of saying what many people feel, and by stating what many people already know. He is just better at it, and true kudos for it.

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Russell Brand: I think a socialist egalitarian system based on the massive redistribution of wealth, heavy taxation of corporations, and massive responsibility for energy companies and any companies exploiting the environment. Full transcript, here

The problem begins when looking for solutions. Once again reflecting how so many people feel, Brand admits that there are not any easy answers. So far I include myself with “so many people.”

[Edit 6:20 PM, PST / 8:00 PM, PST : Also, I get the not voting part. I do not wish to engage in a social contract with a group of psychopaths, thus reinforcing the illusion of need for illegitimate rule. The quantum realm suggests we may be projecting our reality into our experience, within an holographic universe, but that is for another discussion, albeit more closely related to this subject than it may seem.]

I do not have any grand, new ideas, either. It was that realization that led to my cognitive processes halting long enough for me to feel the pangs of my heart, telling me that something about all of this was incomplete: there was more of the story to be told.

Intuition is real. There are certainly many times when I have ignored it, and paid a price for overriding the message with a stupid decision. However, when I let go and trust, my gut feelings are there, and the “a-ha” moment is soon to follow. This time it was in the form of a video posted by Larken Rose:

Larken Rose: “The Most Dangerous Superstition”:

Despite Russell Brand’s claims that he does not have any solutions, his mindset is of the belief in authority and Statist control to solve problems: a new, improved, authoritarian, violent* form of government is part of the plan he says he does not have.

* Violence is any force of the State implored by people in order to smite their opponents.

Like I said, I followed my heart. I knew something was not right, but until I heard what Larken Rose had to say, I did not realize how futile any attempts at good types of government are. There is no such thing as good control, or good force. Until we think outside of the box of the belief that some form of control is necessary, we are stuck in The Matrix .

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merovingianAs The Merovingian noted, Neo did not have a reason, because he simply was following orders, and remaining subservient to a hierarchy that is completely dependent upon authority imposed via the collective.

It is at this point that so many seem to get lost, on Facebook, and Twitter. People are enamored by Brand’s intelligence, and his gift of gab. Somehow, in collective excitement at someone with so much charisma and popularity loudly stating our fears and desires, thinking has been put on pause while everybody goes gaga.

He is talking about something new!

He is saying things a way that nobody has ever said!

His ideas are truly revolutionary!
He is so intelligent I can barely understand him!

No. None of this is true (except perhaps for the last one; some people are just stupid).

Belief that authority will come to our rescue, if we just give them a makeover:

I am sorry to snap anybody’s programming, or end a bromance too soon, but proposing more control, and force by government / a new system to dole things out the way Brand (or any of us) sees as more equitable is not intelligence. Most people think the answer to the problems of government can be solved by more government, and/or a new system. The problem lies in the belief in authority to fix our problems, when they cannot fix anything. Or, there is no reason. No reason at all.

For a concrete example using the French Revolution, check out Cip, and Glasgow Underground News Network:

How many people are comfortable with Brand shaking hands with the queen? How long has the world been seeking independence from people who believe their DNA grants them the right to rule us? And oh: the celebrity worship is really old.

REVOLUTION :We Need to look at history ( French revolution ) to see why we should not follow Russell Brand !!

Edit/Add 4:50 PM PST:

When did we become so proud of being proud, in and of itself? I know it is hard for people to open their minds to new information when doing so requires that they admit they believed in something false in the first place. I have the same experience. However, I do try to read a bit. This is the last I will say to this person in regard to this matter, because like so many people on social media, they respond only to the status update / tweet, without looking at the links/content.

This is how most people decide how to vote, and their reasons: Snapshots and headlines. They may not know squat, but they will defend it. – Matteo should get it, once he reviews the information. He is a smart guy, but there are people out there who would crown Russell a King, and give him powers, just because they are not used to celebrities having anything of real value to say, and their complete ignorance that they could so easily fall prey to controlled opposition. – Think it cannot happen? Why does Obama run around like a rock star?

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Full “note”:

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Anybody else so enamored with Brand that they missed it?